Multi-Sensor Environmental Monitor


Air Quality

When your lungs matter the most you will want to monitor all aspects of the air you breathe.

Sensor+™: Multi-Sensor Environmental Monitor

Imagine knowing what your family is breathing in? Sensor+ by Robopathic is your Smart Home Environmental Monitor with LCD thermostat display, AC Control, CO, Dust and Air Particle Detection, Gas, Temp, Humidity and Motion sensors unit.

Sensor+ can be controlled directly from the unit or through the Mobile App.  Additional features are available within the mobile app. Some of the features are:
- Alarms and Configuration
- Trends
- Dashboard


Sensor+ By Robopathic with Hardware
1 Sensor + with Hardware (Power Supply with Cord)
Sensor+ by Robopathic side display of power outlet
2 Sensor+ by Robopathic side display of power outlet.
Sensor+ by Robopathic - Powered on Display
3 Sensor+ by Robopathic - Powered on Display
Manufactured: United States
Mobile App
Air Conditioner Controller
CO Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Gas Sensor
Motion Sensor
Dust Sensor
Air Particle Sensor
LCD Display
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We're trying to impact the lives of millions of people by providing the most robust and comprehensive environmental monitor.